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  Personnel Information System 

Crew/vehicle scheduling, staff position, vehicles yard record, Waybills issue/trace of route condctors, daily/progressive working results, various traffic receipt statements, reason-wise missed kilometers statement.


Centralised employee database, information about service record, punishments, seniority/longer stay statements, increments, joining/relieving record,  and also can generate various dynamic reports as required by HQ. ID cards of Employees (Regular/Contractual/Retiree), Special ID cards for Civial Sectt. Haryana Staff.

  Accounts Control System  

Diesel/CNG issued to buses and other than buses (item-wise), vehicle-wise mileage statement, Diesel/CNG expenditure statement etc. Mobil oil consumption monitoring - kmpl in top-up, change-up. Billing of Diesel Issued to other depots & departments.


Receipt Informations - Traffic Receipt (Route receipt & Advance Booking), Monthly passes, Special Booking and Ten-Time penality, Workshop receipt, Misc Receipt (Parking Fee, canteen rent etc) Receipt of Police Voucher and Billing. Budget Management - BM26, BM29 under accounts head-3055 & 5055.

  Statistical Information System 

Store items issued to depot vehicles during various types of servicing, current stock of items, store inventory, store expenditure, vehicle expenditure statement, store items  demands/placement of orders and receipt of items.


Compilation of monthly working result, cost structure and other statement for the purpose of performace monitoring of depot i.e. Physical performance statement, Financial Performance Statement, Receipt Statement, Expenditure statement etc.

System Setup   MIS Reports 

Various system management related activities like User/Roles validation (Authertication & Authorization). Salary calculation formulae, cost structure, other passanger/road tax calculations etc. Machine authentication facility.


Combined (depot+sub-depot) statements of traffic receipt, vehicle expenditure, diesel issue, store issue, and some misc informations which are accessible to all like monthly/yearly salary statements, GPF subscription statement etc.

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